Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Make fun things with your home IoT devices, securely over the internet.

I am planning to start a series of posts discussing how to put your IoT devices in the internet and do fun stuff with them. I will provide them as GitHub Wiki pages and I will also provide code and scripts when this is possible. This page will act as a placeholder.

Interact using Alexa with your IoT devices

In this first post I am using the excellent, free, Cloudflare Tunnel and I make my Raspberry Pi accessible over the internet using a custom domain and HTTPS. Only with a few clicks and no cost (apart from the cost of the domain name).

Then I provide an Amazon Alexa Skill that can be used for interacting with your Raspberry Pi using your Alexa device! In this simple example, I am implementing a simple REST API which is invoked using voice commands.

Have fun!