Monday, August 12, 2013

Convert video files and embed subtitles using VLC

VLC player, by VideoLAN, is a handy media player with many features. VLC, among other things, enables the conversion of video files, from one format to another, enabling the same time the incorporation of subtitles.

Suppose that  we want to convert an h.254 video file to DivX with embedded subtitles. Suppose also that subtitles are stored in a separate (.srt) file with the same name as the video file.  Here are the steps that should be followed:

Run VLC and from the Media menu, select Convert/Save (Ctrl + R).

Select Convert/Save

In the file selection area, press Add, and choose the video file to be converted. Moreover, on the button-left menu press the arrow and select  Convert.

Select the Convert optionn

In the Destination area, press Browse, and select where your file should be saved (Note that you have to add the filename as well the extension). In the Settings area, select the Convertion profile and press the Edit selected profile button.

Press the button marked with the black square

In the new window select the Subtitles tab, check the Subtitles check box, select DVB subtitle on the listbox on the left, and check the Overlay subtitles on the video check box. Then press Save.

Subtitle options

Now by pressing Start, your video will be converted to desired format and the subtitles will be embedded in the output video file.